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initial Concept work trying to find the right layout that is suitable for the end user. - Photoshop renderings
First Layout that was selected by the engineers and myself - photoshop rendering
First Aesthetic Concepts - All Photoshop renderings
More detail oriented photoshop renderings for the PowerGlide Concept
A Photoshop rendering I did to prove we can make PowerGlide intelligently that will allow for interchangeable parts for later refreshes to provide cost reducing options to stay competitive in the ever changing vacuum market.
Foot concepts - Photoshop Renderings
Anther PowerGlide Vacuum Concept - Photoshop
Bissell PowerGlide final Photoshop rendering - From here I went on to modeling it in Rhino (with help from a contractor due to time constraints) to create the surfaces for first looks like model.
Handle Concept rendering - Photoshop
Finding more power details for PowerGlide Vacuum - Photoshop renderings
PowerGlide final foot design - Photoshop
Foot and Filter View - Photoshop Rendering
More Vacuum Foot Concept - Photoshop
Final renderings over the Cad data with a lot of Photoshopping to help sell the concept to the buyers
Looks like and works like models
Bissell PowerGlide Vacuum - Final product poster I did over production photographs.
Other Vacuum Rendering - Photoshop
Photoshop Rendering
Other Vacuum Rendering - Photoshop
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Bissell Vacuums - Project Harrier "PowerGlide"

Rebuilding a Design Language - Full project book available upon request.

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