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Initial Idea Concepts - Grills at the entry price points have never really featured any good ideas that help out user. These concepts centered around lightweight, cost and parts reducing concepts, and usability. Grills at the entry price points have never really featured any good ideas that help out user. - Photoshop over Pencil and CAD renderings.
Aussie Grill Initial $99 Price Point Concepts - Photoshop over pencil and CAD renderings
More Finalized Concepts - Photoshop over pencil and CAD renderings
Creating A Design Language for Aussie - While at Propane I was in charge to take the lead for one of our top customers Meco Grills. I was assign to create a new design language that they will use on a line of affordable gas grills. Originally I though outside the box with concepts that used a limited number of pieces for easy assembly but still had useful ideas like a grill light, a rotating tray, and a sliding out tank tray. Over many rounds of designs and concepts I managed to get to a place where everyone at Meco Grills was extremely happy, so much that they carried these new designs aesthetics to other areas of their line.
Enter YoDoc or Ski Boat Concept - Ski Boats need to be more useful for active families who refuse to buy into the Pontoon Boat culture. I have always had this idea that it would be great if a ski boat could also transform into a floating dock when needed. Families could lie out in the middle of lake relaxing, swimming, and taking in all the easiness that is summer.

http://www.designbuzz.com/doc-ski-relax-boat-concept-makes-family-vacays-more-relaxing.htmlur Description Here
Boat becomes a Dock - Photoshop over Alias Rendering
At Night Rendering - Photoshop over Alias Rendering
Kid's II Mini Bouncing Barn Yard Animal Concept - While working at Propane, this was a one-day project to help Kid’s II find styling for a line of barnyard bouncing animals. They wanted something that was fun, cartoony, and aesthetically simple. The cow was the only project that I received as I left Propane a few days later for greener pastures. - Alias Rendering
Quick Sketches - Pencil and Marker
Scout Concept - I rapidly developed both brand and a concept for a robotic machine that easily traverses interior spaces with accuracy to within an inch. This automated machine I called Scout could perform functions ranging from security to cleaning. InterfaceFLOR has used this concept to excite and further grow their business. Project time span was less than 3 days. - Alias Modeling, Renderings, and Photoshop
Scientific Games Lottery Machines - Scientific Games came to us at Propane to develop a new line of lottery vending machines to sell throughout the untied states. They wanted the machines to have a unique flare to help them stand out amongst other vending machines. You can now find these machines at various rest areas, gas stations, convenient stores, and grocery stores throughout the North America. - Alias Modeling and Renderings
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Design Firm Work - Propane Creative 2007

As a part of a very small design team, I was able to get my hands on wide range of initiatives from creating a visual brand language for Meco’s line of Aussie Gas Grills, to creating advance concepts for Interface Flor, Kid's II, and Scientific Games, plus working on production work for Husqvarna and EGT.

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