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Rescue Cutter sketches - I developed an interface that allows the knife to be utilized in several configurations. While deploying, cutting, striking, and storing all in the same natural position.
Gerber D.M.F sketches
Crucial tool sketches - form development and ideation for Crucial tool project
Clip Knife ideation - This is a random exploration of new clip knife designs.
Hunting Knife ideation - Photoshop, Illustrator, and sketch concepts for Metolius hunting knife set.
Brunton Campstar Process - Sketch and Photoshop renderings for Campstar Concepts
Gerber Sliding saw - Development sketches for Gerber sliding saw concept. These coincided with extensive 3D foam modeling to achieve proper ergonomics while maintaining the Gerber brand language.
Brunton Brewfire Process
Gerber Epic Series- Process - Illustrator, Photoshop, sketches
Gerber Strata Process
Rampage Clip Knife concept - Stainless Steel frame-lock folding clip knife with G10(composite) handles. Will be released early 2011.
Gerber AO FAST 3.0 - Assisted opening clip knife featuring carabiner/bottle opener, machined stainless steel/aluminum frame and insert molded grips.
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Comments (7)
  • So cool to see the process and original sketches of these knifes! Love the Epic!

    a year ago

  • Nice layout!

    10 years ago

  • Awesome stuff

    11 years ago

  • kinda wish my Gerber looked like that!

    11 years ago

  • Love the one with the big ring hinge (top right)

    11 years ago

Darrin Seeds
Director of Industrial Design / Transition Bicycle Company Bellingham, WA