Geko - Radial Nerve Dysfunction splint

“Having been involved in a motorcycle accident myself, I experienced life with both arms in various casts, splints and braces for months. Often feeling discomfort from poor design or inappropriate materials, I realised this is an area of design which fails to consider the user. Whilst in the hand therapy unit I learned about a device called a ‘Dynamic Extensor Outrigger’ used for patients who can close but not open their hands. This device presented itself as the perfect case for re-design as its unsightly appearance prevents patient compliance.

Over the course of the project I discovered that potential impact design can have on not just patient rehabilitation but efficiency and cost of current treatment systems. Working alongside patients and specialist hand nurses at Derby Royal hospital, the project answered the issues of each directly, utilizing innovative design and manufacture.

David Stuttard
Design Engineer at Markt Und Design GmbH Düsseldorf, Germany