Audio Tourist - standard edition
Audio Tourist - standard edition
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Copenhagen edition
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Audio Tourist

What is worse than looking like the little ducklings, when trying to keep up with a guide in a foreign city? You can’t hear half of what is being said – and the locals are looking at you like you fell down from the moon. The Audio Tourist is a small audio player you buy and keep – no deposits, no returning it at the other end of town after use and a nice souvenir; you can put your own music on (oh and bio degradable…). Sure you can get an app that does somewhat the same – you can actually get thousands but which ones are any good, and do all users have a smart phone? With the Audio Tourist you take a look at the map, press play and off you go on a very amusing and enlightening city exploration.
The Audio Tourist is currently on sale in Copenhagen, Paris and Etretat (FR) and will shortly be arriving in many more places. For more see

Anders Lassen
Industrial Designer Luxembourg, Luxembourg