fusion http://www.azc.uam.mx/optosinapsis - how rock interacts and influences humans.
Icebergs - This site is really cold! http://www.azc.uam.mx/optosinapsis/icebergs/
Petals - Design is looking for relations. http://www.azc.uam.mx/optosinapsis/petalos/
Wrapping art - This art become famous with Christo and Jeanne Claude. http://www.azc.uam.mx/optosinapsis/parafrasisdechristo/
Invisible continuity - This is like a time machine, it is amazing to look back in time. http://www.azc.uam.mx/emuseo/moore/continuidadindivisible.html
Teateoremas - Mental map of knowledge. http://www.azc.uam.mx/teateoremas/