the first TV in two parts in the world. It's like a computer, which you can add any screens you want according to your budget and your taste.
add classic screens, curved screens, transparent screens, metal or plastic finish, black or colored, projectors, and hologram ready! any definition, any size, any brands like sony, samsung, philips etc according to your budget and your taste. Connect any devices like Game console or blu ray player wirelessly with a maximum of 7,5 meters! Put your device anywhere you want, without any lags. Connect wireless speakers systems (2.1 or 5.1) to the MSTV.
- No remote control, no problem! thanks to its large curved touch screen, you can navigate the menus as you do with your smartphone.
-With "Google TV Online" No television barriers! enjoy all the channels from around the world classified by country, language! Through this partnership, with your google account, you can subscribe monthly or annually to your favorite channels.

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Freelance, Full-time
Joseph Dumary
Product Designer Paris, France