SEGA Game Gear Phase 2

Sega Game Gear Phase 2 Features

- The first Handheld Console with two fingerprint sensors in the joysticks.
- Quick options screen: This small (long) touch screen allows players to access applications, adjust volume, receive notifications etc... But also, to access options, game menus more easily.
- Gear to TV is a feature that allows you to play your games in 4K directly on your TV. Use your game gear s second screen.
-Electronic Trigger Mode: the L&R buttons can be used as triggers.
- When you play in a very dark environment, the buttons light up.
- Full HD+, HDR 10, Eye comfort, Dolby Atmos, Occlusion in AR, anti-reflective display, vibration, Rubberized "feel" grip, 4K video recording...
- Quick Charge: Enjoy up to 4 hours of use on a 30 -minute charge (with Power management).

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Joseph Dumary
Product Designer Paris, France