Food with Faces Keycaps - Food! With Faces!
Cute Monster Totes - Monster totes for Hot Topic and Journey's, 2009.
Fairy Accessories - Fairy items for HT, 2008. Fairies aren't a subject I have much (any) familiarity with, but I do think wings came out pretty sweet on these two.
Fries Coinbag - Die cut coin bag for specialty line.
Taco Coinbag
Cute Sweets Accessories
Cute Food Keycaps
Guitar Keycaps - For specialty and Hot Topic.
Cute Keycaps - For Hot Topic and Specialty. Oh how I love my little mustache guy.
Music Jewelry
Mustache Coinbag - I think this would have been hilarious with a pony hair stache.
Cute Cupcake coin bag
Hot Dog Wallet - For Hot Topic.
Ice Cream wallet - Ice Cream bifold wallet for Hot Topic.
Neopolitan Bar wallet - Poor lil dude! Bifold wallet for Hot Topic.
Taco Wallet - Awesome die cut taco wallet for Hot Topic.
Nuggets wallet - Nugget wallet for Hot Topic.
Accessory Design - Original Artwork

Various wallets, jewelry, keycaps, and totes designed for Hot Topic, Journey's, and boutique stores.

Full-time, Moonlighting
J. Fuchs
Eccentricities a Specialty! Los Angeles, CA