HK Quilted Collection - Private label collection, 2010.
HK Hooded Backpack - For Hot Topic BTS 2011.
Vintage Hello Kitty Collections - Vintage kitty collections for Hot Topic 2009. I really like vintage HK's lumpy little head. Reverse printed hinge wallets, printed tote and bag with pvc applique.
HK Shirts - Couple HK shirts created for Macy's Juniors.
Kittycaps - More HK keycaps using my original artwork from this season.
HK Geek Chic Cosmetic Bags - For Claire's US & UK.
Hello Kitty Knot Bag
Hello Kitty Oops! Collection - HK 'Oops!' collections for Hot Topic 2009. We did a sticker that was her head with OOPS written on it, but the factory lost an O somehow, and it came back OPS on the 1st sample. I think Special Ops Kitty going on tiny adorable spy missions would be pretty rad.
HK - Made Cute
HK - Return of the Kitty - Halloween Hello Kitty tee.
HK Zombie Tote - Reversible tote for Halloween at Hot Topic.
Hello Kitty keycaps - Most of the HK keycaps are supplied art, but these are a few I've drawn myself.
HK Shirts - Couple HK shirts created for Macy's Juniors.
Hello Kitty Sketchy Collection - Part of a 5 piece collection for Hot Topic.
Hello Kitty Punk Collections - Selected pieces from a couple of Hello Kitty collections for Claire's UK, 2010. Printed canvas bags with canvas applique.
Hello Kitty Preppy Collections - A few pieces from a giganto HK preppy-fancy-crest collection for Claire's UK. Velour bags with pvc accents and printed applique with rhinestone and metal charm embellishments.
HK Embossed Collection - Embossed bag & wallet for Torrid.
Keroppi Totes - Keroppi for Claire's UK, 2009.
Hello Kitty Preppy Crest - HK for Claire's UK 2009. This is all for young girls, so the luggage is TINY, and insanely adorable. Quilted pvc/velour with pvc applique.
HK for Hot Topic 2010 - A basic assortment on the theme "rainbow" for HT.
Hello Kitty "Nice" Collections - Three different takes on one style guide for Claire's UK, 2009.
Hello Kitty Classic Bows - Classic bow tote, wallet, and hairpins.
Sanrio Beach Totes - Clear printed beach totes for Hot Topic, 2008.
Chococat Cosmetic Items - Chococat set for Claire's UK.
HK Stationery for Claires - Sketchbook, agenda & diary.
Licensed - Sanrio

Hello Kitty totes, wallets, and assorted small items designed for Hot Topic and boutique stores.

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