11" Alice doll
Our painter absolutely killed it on these dolls. I had this prototype head sitting on my desk for ages and everyone who came by was struck by how incredibly real it looked.
11" Queen of Hearts doll
I really love how this outfit came out. There's something about the challenge of translating the details of a human sized outfit down to itty bitty scale that's really interesting and satistfying to me.
11" White Queen doll
11" Mad Hatter doll
Another one with so many fun details and textures! It's always a treat to find fun new materials and trims to replicate a look, rather than just creating prints.
11" Time doll
Lots of interesting details and pops of color on the Time doll as well
17" Limited Edition Queen of Hearts doll
Seeing this outfit in person waas a little terrifying - I had no idea how I was going to replicate it. But once I started playing around with ribbons and trims, it came together really quickly.
17" Limited Edition Alice doll
17" LE Alice & Hatter doll set
Live Action Dolls - Alice in Wonderland 2

Doll program for the Alice in Wonderland 2 movie launch.
Fabrics, drapes, acc sculpts, deco, and prints were all created or managed by myself.

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J. Fuchs
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