17" LE Blue Dress Cinderella
17" LE Wedding Cinderella
I love the multi layered off white and gold fabric for the dress. This drape came together surprisingly easily.
We had a vendor create the basic flowers, that I used as a starting point to create this final print artwork.
Final skirt, with hundreds of multicolor hand-placed gems. All called out individually on probably the most gigantic art file I've made.
11" Film Collection Cinderella
11" Film Collection Fairy Godmother
I was super excited to find a lace fabric that matched the film costume so well, and I love her big collar!
11" Film Collection Stepmother
Back when we could still use flocking. The flock print on glitter fabric is still a fav of mine in how well it worked!
11" Film Collection Cinderella & Prince Wedding set
11" Film Collection Cinderella Multi Doll set
The stepsisters were super fun to work on, with their crazy flower dresses!
Live Action Dolls - Cinderella

Dolls I created for the 2016 Live Action Cinderella movie. Fabrics, drapes, acc sculpts, deco, and prints were all created or managed by myself.

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