Within the Woods era Leonardo - Repainted Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Figure Made from a Donnie fig. Dremeling off all his accessories was a huge pain, and I made his crutch for the wrong arm the first time (and broke another two while carving them), but I love how he turned out. So sad poor Leo!
Turflytle Mikey - Repainted Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Figure Original fig on the left. I really love Turflytle Mikey. He's so super stoked about his outfit, it's hard not to be. I even made him new cardboard wings and little wooden nunchucks, 'cause he deserves the best.
My first full doll repaint, an 11" Rapunzel. I was trying to make her face look creepier and more vacant...really like how her skin turned out though.
The creepy head of Princess Jasmine! I figure if you grow up with tigers running around all over the place, stuff is bound to happen.
Handtlers - 3" dunny. I forget what actually inspired this, other than my love of antlers in general, but I still really dig this concept.
And Then Jekyll Put The Moves On Hyde - Inspired more or less probably totally by that Backstreet Boys video where they all turn into trendily-attired monsters and break it the fuck down all over the spooky castle set. Don't act like you're too cool to've seen it, it's entirely hilarious and completely worth watching.
Dingle Doppelganger - 3" dunny of Josh Taylor's character, for one of his solo shows.
12 Eyes of the Toxic Everglades - Custom 3" dunny for a show at Monkeyhouse Toys in Silverlake.
Hello Vet, Goodbye Testes - Well, that's basically how it goes, right. Also, I think anytime you go in to have something removed, you should get to keep the part. I mean, it's part of you, what if you need spares some day?
Panty Pirate - The Panty Pirate is a sort of a gelatinous blob type dude who roams the high seas stealing and absorbing panties. No word yet on what happens if he falls overboard, but I imagine it can't be pretty.
Bubblin' and Bobblin' - Custom Bukka for a show at Monkeyhouse Toys in Silverlake, CA. My interpretation of classic Bubble Bobble player 1!
Aanda Wood Sculpture - Aanda, the Arms Are Not Necessary Panda wood/clay sculpture. I like this 'cause you can set him beside anything and he will be absolutely horrified by it.
Tentacle Plush - A bunch of handmade tentacle plushies I did for my Tentacle Love Show at Monkeyhouse Toys in LA.
WonderPUP Plush - Handmade plushie for the WonderPUP show at Leanna Lin's Wonderland in Eagle Rock, CA.
I feel like mammals should be as festive as insects when it comes to colors.
Felt Autopsy - For Wild Wild Kingdom plush show at Monkeyhouse Toys in Silverlake. In my defense, I did try to sew something, but honestly, I think it's time to admit that particular ship has sailed, sprung a leak, and sank in the harbour. So, needle felting. I'm good at stabbing stuff.
Personal - Custom Toys

Some toys I've customized, and a few plushies I've made.

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