This started out as a supercute designy Ninja Turtle thing and ended somewhere else entirely.
I always thought the mushroom houses were alive and that it was weird you had to go inside them to get presents.
Super Mario Bros. I always liked to imagine the underground coin rooms were Mario's bedrooms.
Little Mermaid It's weird to find myself drawing Princesses all day!
Jungle Book Red Dog is my favorite Mowgli story. It's got all the major players, an exciting new enemy, and shows off what a cunning little creature Mowgli has grown up to be.
Jungle Book Mang The Bat, who didn't actually do anything in the books, but was mentioned in the Night-Song in the Jungle, which is good enough for me.
Jungle Book Akela was pretty unquestionably rad, and kept kicking ass up till his excellent death fighting the dhole. Rock on Akela.
Jungle Book And OF COURSE Bagheera, whom I love, because he is a cocky prick who loves his little frog. Aw.
Jungle Book Good Hunting - A quickie painting of Mowgli and a very fat little Bagheera.
Jungle Book Brothers, That Was a Dog's Death - 2010 acrylic. Mowgli came home with the skin of his mortal enemy. That's pretty hardcore.
Sherlock Holmes Sign of the Four era Sherlock Holmes, by way of Vasily Livanov. My Sherlock Holmes love is going strong into its second decade at this point, and all the new incarnations are only making me heart him more.
Sherlock Holmes Sherlock is Bleeding, Again - SO MUCH sweet action going on just off screen in the original stories. Dude got in some seriously excellent fights.
An Eggplant in Angeland - I never actually played Kid Icarus, but I did enjoy him on Captain N, so there you go. Plus, cyclops eggplant!!!
MJ HAS HAD IT UP TO HERE - With Peter's whiny emo BS. I imagine the whole wah wah responsibility spiel would get old after awhile. I know I'd want to strangle the guy with his own tights, eventually. Acrylic & graphite on a vintage Candyland card.
Spiderman Cannot Lie
Candy Catwoman
Bat Sense
Huckleberry Hellhound - Painting for a show at Alphacult down in the LBC...I forget what the actual theme was tho. Superheroes, maybe?
The Big Bad Wolf - Big Bad, looking especially fetching in that lovely bonnet. Fairytale illustrations from part of my senior project, 2004.
Fraggle Rock Red Fraggle is still my hero. WHOOPIEEEEEE!!!
Granny - Lil Red Riding Hood's granny, who was perhaps not taken entirely by surprise when Mr Wolf showed up at her door. Fairytale illustrations from part of my senior project, 2004.
Little Red Riding Hood - I remember she had something to do with a Civil War nurse I'd been reading about at the time, which is why her shirt is so bloody-looking. Fairytale illustrations from part of my senior project, 2004.
Robin Redbreast - I can't remember what story this was from at all...maybe just a robin for the heck of it? Fairytale illustrations from part of my senior project, 2004.
Little Boy Blue - Little Boy Blue and his horn, given a fairly sinister turn for reasons I've since forgotten. Fairytale illustrations from part of my senior project, 2004.
Personal - Fanart

Some fanart I've done over the years. Mostly Sherlock Holmes and the Jungle Book, because old favs die hard.

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