2016 Singing Gazelle doll
2019 Singing Mulan doll
2019 Singing Belle doll
2019 Singing Briar Rose doll
2019 Singing Anna doll
2018 Singing Ariel doll
2018 Singing Moana doll
2018 Singing Jasmine doll
2018 Singing Elsa doll
2018 Singing Cinderella doll
2019 Singing Aladdin and Jasmine doll set. Both dolls sing their respective parts of 'A Whole New World' in duet
2019 Singing Ursula doll
Playline Singing Dolls

11" playline singing dolls, with an emphasis on delivering quality make and extending the story through secondary outfits. All dolls designed and developed by myself.

Full-time, Moonlighting
J. Fuchs
Eccentricities a Specialty! Los Angeles, CA