The Tangled TV dolls are one of my favorite movie/series release projects I've worked on. The content is super cute and gave us an interesting new challenge in interpreting the very 2D stylization in 3D, and the show team was an absolute delight to work with.
Rapunzel doll prototype. We only had 2D sketches to work from, and I think the stylization our sculptor and character artist came up with is so incredibly cute. I wish we'd gotten to do more with this look!
Cassandra and Rapunzel doll set
I love that we got to add extra articulation for these dolls, and how cute their stylized bodies are. The hair was another challenge to capture, especially for Cassandra, but I think she turned out awesome.
Cassandra prototype. She was definitely a favorite for me. Her face is just so cute!
5" Tangled Mini doll set
We used to do 5" mini dolls for most of our properties, and they're super cute, but so much labor goes into the outfits at this scale, it was super difficult to produce them.
Prototypes for the mini doll set. I'm still amazed how much detail I was able to get in their outfits!
Tangled TV Series dolls
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