'69 Z-28 Retro Mod Hot Rod - 1969 Camaro Z/28 - Custom paint and 2008 Camaro rims. Digital Illustration.
69 Camaro Z/28 - Version Blue -Digital illustration
'73 Laguna Estate Wagon - 1973 Laguna Estate Wagon - Photoshop illustration (customized into a 2 door)
Laguna S-3, SS look - Sportier version of a '73 Laguna Estate wagon
Barracuda - A Rough sketch of my Idea of a retro design of a 1970's Plymouth Barracuda
Versa Car - A design Idea I came up with a couple years ago. Car image Ended up as on Discovery Channel's "Monster Garage" and won a "Cool Car" contest in a local Orange County Newspaper and was displayed at the Anaheim Auto Show 2003. Car was initially sketched and detailed in Photoshop.
Surf Utility car - Another Photoshop polished car design.
G force Muscle car (hydrogen) - Pencil sketch of a Hydrogen powered Muscle car.
Hydrogen - Electric - Pencil sketch of Hydrogen/Electric powered sports car/Race car.
Custom Hot Rod 55 Chevy truck - Photoshop - Illustration All of it was created in Photoshop. To create the asphalt texture - scanned in crumpled piece of paper and played with filter effects over and over to get the desired effect for the cracked asphalt look.
Original -Versacar - My original Versacar (Versatile car). Photoshop - 2001
1964 Hot-Rod Lincoln - Slammed or bagged (lowered) 1964 Lincoln Continental with tribal Ghost flames. Created in Photoshop (2006)
60's Surf Wagon - 1962 Oldsmobile Wagon. Digital Illustration of my friends Wagon after modifying the stock version. Changing paint, rims and stance of car. Photoshop Illustration - 10 hours.
06 Impala - 2006 Impala created in Adobe Illustrator. Chopped top and lowered.
Chevelle Laguna "Retro" design - Digital Illustration A retro Version of the 1973 - 1976 Chevrolet Chevelle Laguna modeled for NASCAR. Car was designed& illustrated in 2000.
1971 Buick Boat tail - Custom paint scheme. Digital Illustration
Celerity II ..................Meaning: Speed, quickness - Digital Illustration of my own design.
1932 Ford - Hot Rod - Digital illustration of a '32 Ford coupe.
67 Stingray - Digital Illustration of a 67' Stingray (427)
'71 Plymouth Barracuda -American Muscle - Digital Illustration of a 1971 'Cuda with paint like graphic effects in the background. Mopar - 70's American Muscle.
Kicks on Route 66 - 1955 Corvette with rusted and aged route 66 sign. Artwork created in both Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop.
Retro Batmobile - Digital Illustration of my version of a retro Batmobile of the original Barris design.
AGGRO CONCEPT DV2005© - AGGRO Concept - Meaning: Aggressive or violent.
Little Red Wagon - 1960 Ford Country squire- Created completely in Adobe Illustrator. I took the original Photograph this was modeled after. The real wagon was black.
SupeBee PhotoChop - Here is an image of a Dodge SRT8. I decided to do some photomanipulation on the Body and drop it Pro-Touring style.
Maliguna - Vector Illustration - A vector illustration (w/Photoshopp background) of a 75 Chevelle Malibu with a Laguna nose - powered by a 454!
1960 Brookwood - Originally a Vector illustration brought into Photoshop and added some extra filters.
71 Dodge Demon - Digital Illustration (rendering of a client's car). He asked for a specific rim and two tone paint with orange-yellow stripes on side. This is what I came up with.
Demon paint schemes - Various ideas for graphic paint schemes for client.
72 Charger - Could not decide which colors were the most interesting.
71 Demon...second set of color choices - Client is still undecided...
Photochopped 1957 Hillman - A chopped, channeled, slammed, bagged and blown Hillman!!
Demon set 3 - Final chapter in graphic color design?
Customized '40 ford - Radically customized two door coupe into a sedan delivery. Chopped Channeled and dropped!
2008 Pontiac G8 - Photo-chopped Pontiac G8 custom mods in Photoshop.
'71 Cutlass conv. - A little Photochop...added, a dropped body, color: two tone and a graphic added...dropped the chrome strip at bottom.
'40 Ford - Vector illustration of a 40 ford color fading to an old Black & white image.
G8 Photo-chopped Blue version - A Modified Pro-Touring G8 Pontiac
G8 revision -2 - Photoshop design revision
Modern Muscle - '08 Challenger - Plum Purple Digital Photoshop Illustration.
Thumbnail sketches - I was doing some thumbnail ideas the other day and thought that I would post a few. I am working on ideas for a more modern roadster type. The largest rough sketch was two inches! I seem to come up with quicker ideas that way. The one on top I plan on developing more.
Roadster (rough) sketch - My version of old school and some update looks to a roadster.
Quick Pencil Car Sketch - A pencil sketch (rough) and quick airbrush passes over the pencil sketch to give it more depth.
'Vette - Just a slight difference on headlight design. Photoshop rendering of a late Corvette.
Custom '37 Lincoln Zephyr - "Orange Zephyrous" - A custom Lincoln Zephyer chopped, dropped, burnt Orange paint with Ghost Flames.
Pinstriping Logo - A Pinstriping Logo for local business
Roadster - A small (Original 3.75 inches long) Thumbnail sketch with a few modern influences.
Roguester - A roadster concept from sketch - Adobe Illustrator.
Custom Concept- SS Impala - A Photo that I did some heavy Photoshop work to create a custom version of a 2006-2009 Chevrolet Impala SS.
Blazed 68 - 1968 Chevrolet Blazer Customized.
Paint Design - 1955 Chevy truck. Trying out some new paint colors and graphic work.
67 Riviera Custom - Digital illustration in Photoshop of a 1967 Buick Riviera Customization
1961 Parkwood - A custom version of ta 1961 Parkwood. Photoshop work. Many hours!
Tshirt design- Fundraiser for Autism - Fundraiser for Autism, Deary Idaho.
Graphic Design for a poster - Event - Poster for Palouse Autism Society - "Classy Chassis" Deary Idaho Show-n-Shine. Donated my time for a good cause. Poster and T-shirt design.
GT 500 - Vector Illustration of a 2008 GT500 Mustang
Sun Burn - 1960 Ford Sunliner - Concept drawing for a client in San Diego, CA
Spyder Byte - Speedster - A thumbnail sketch of A little Speedster Convertible.
Pencil sketch (Thumbnail) - A random pencil sketch of an automobile
Spider Byte - Inspiration from a '97 Mitsubishi Spyder Convertible (My wife's second car) and older model Porsche.
"Satchmo" - A vector illustration for world music college course.
Random thumbnail hot rod design - five minute pencil sketch
Pencil sketch - Camaro Influenced © DVDesign 2008 - Pencil sketch I did during a few breaks at work. I scanned the image in at home and added a few filters and effects in Photoshop.
33 years of Camaro - Artwork created in Adobe Illustrator CS3
1969 Lincoln Continental - Lincoln being built by CMC Designs (custom fabricators) in Costa Mesa CA
1969 Lincoln Continental - Lincoln being built by CMC Designs (custom fabricators) in Costa Mesa CA
The Lincoln before tear down - Mike Belair did not know what he was in for! The top had signifigicant rust...
Paint swatch - The paint swatch chosen for the "Boatster."
Classic American Muscle - Design for T-Shirts
Lincoln Continental Roadster - Lincoln Continental Roadster (Boatster) Concept. Removed the fender tail lights. Removed canopy. Dash is a 1957 Ford Ranchero. Interior is Cigar and Champagne metallic.
Bullitt 390 - Retro style '68 Mustang with some added custom styling - rear view
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