The Blueprint Collection was a design collaboration with Raleigh Denim founders Sarah Yarborough and Victor Lytvinenko to address the open environment workspace. This collection offers a configure-your-own system for a more creative and inspiring work landscape for the space.
A nod to the classic A Frame, these solid wood bases were developed through many iterations to nail down proportions and to successfully create a base that did not require the typical support beam that runs from leg to leg. In order to create support for the varying top lengths, we developed our own system using extrusions and die-cast pieces.
The Loop Base was another engineering feat to maintain its elegant lines and open design, while keeping it robust enough to handle the weight and lengths of the tops. Not to mention putting levelers in this bad boy!

The multi-tiered detail keeps allows this system to become a flexible landscape within the space.
For a more reserved position within the space, the Block Bases allow the system to be all about the functionality, including storage, and trash/recycle pedestal options.

Power integration using our own branded plastic housings was an important offering for this collection, resulting in the bases to be compatible with wiring to the floor with as little visual cord impact as possible.
The Ibis Sofa and Loveseat was the artistic vision of Terry Crews. The back not attached to the arms, and its sweeping design proved to be an interesting engineering challenge, yet with enough rounds of testing and prototyping we got this thing rock solid. Pillows were developed to be affixed to the metal arms with proper support while maintaining the perception of a loose fitting pillow.
Lilypad was another brain child of Terry Crews and was designed to be a hybrid chair/table. With the chair being a swivel return, leg clearance from the solid wood platform was a point of contention in refining its placement on top of the surface. A man-made stone insert was sourced for a durable surface atop the lounge. Custom bracketry was developed for the solid wood legs.
An extension of the Aire Bench, the Float Table uses the same shapes yet in a solid wood top.
An extension of the Float Tables, the Aire Benches uses the same shapes yet is a padded, upholstered surface. The bases are specific to the Aire Bench to maintain standard bench sit height, as well as a tube frame to support the weight of a person perching.
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Dan Fritz
Product Design & Development Hickory, NC