First came the idea to create a wooden carriage, then became the challenge to go further and build a wooden car. This was the beginning of this outstanding project.
The idea was that the car had to be original and unique, and should not resemble any other cars out there. First was made a scale-model, which was photographed and prepared for 3d orthogonal projections, kind of blueprints, after this the 3D model was created and adjusted, improved. After finalizing the 3D model, real scale projection views were printed and these helped to build, to carve this car. A year later the chassis was completed, and we solved the technological issues, so the construction of the car-body started. It is made up of merely wood, leather and metal. It is upholstered with original calf leather and the car’s hood is wrapped in heat- and sound-isolation. It is then varnished with yacht varnish, which is polished and enameled.
This car was exposed at the IAA 2015 at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

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Zsolt Csaba Ferenczi
Entrepreneur, 3D Designer Engineer, 3DEPENDENT LTD. New York, NY