Graphic composition for floor
Details of the composition for the floor.
Large graphic composition for the floor.
Large visual composition for the floor.
Area of the graphic composition for the floor.
nhow Amsterdam Rai hotel: Large mural for the Lobby’s floor

In this project, I have taken creativity to the floor, literally. I have created a floor design that can be visually divided into layers, each telling its own story and all together forming a cohesive and vibrant visual narrative.
The first, deepest layer depicts a surging sea, inspired by traditional Japanese painting style. This layer establishes a fluid and dynamic base on which the rest of the composition is built.
The second layer, located in the middle zone, is a tapestry of cultural elements. Here, the styles and symbols of Japanese, Mexican and African cultures intertwine and blend. A series of African dishes stand out and establish a visual link with those on another floor of the hotel, creating a thematic continuity.
The third and final layer brings an element of surprise and joy. Giant Japanese carps leap above the rest of the elements, bringing a sense of movement and depth to the design. These playful creatures appear to leap straight from the surface,

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David Zuker
Graphic Designer Madrid, MD