Safari Baby Shower invitation.
Bookplates made to match my safari baby shower invitations.
Hanging prints made to match my safari baby shower invitations.
"Formal" hippie invitation.
'Bun in the Oven' - My top Etsy product! Made with a retro grunge theme for a baby shower.
Bridal Shower invitation created for a client looking for an invitation with dark gray and a spark of color, alongside some flowers.
Joint 30th birthday party invitation.
The perfect invitation for the chocoholic in your life.
Sixtieth birthday party invitation placing events of 1954 alongside the birth of your loved one.
We mustache you to join us! birthday party invitation.
Kids love dinosaurs, kids love pool parties, why not combine them?
First birthday invitation for my cute little nephew.
Ladies night out!
'Godman Retires' - Invitation design for The Daily Record when our longest running employee retired from the company.
'Bar Admittee Happy Hour' - Happy hour thrown by The Daily Record to celebrate the newly admitted lawyers to the Maryland Bar Association.
Crayon birthday invitation.
Invitation design
Erin Keefer
Graphic Designer Baltimore, MD