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Fuego portable toaster - Compact folding travel toaster concept
Fuego portable toaster: function diagram - The Fuego is easy to set up, transforming from a cylinder of approximately 4in x 1 in, into a toaster capable of heating a piece of bread of average loaf size.
Cafe 1 espresso machine - Inexpensive, mass market espresso machine (concept model)
SNP salt and pepper dispenser - Compact salt and pepper grinders, textured for use by low/impaired vision user
Lobe bowls - Fruit bowls inspired by apple packaging
Underwater hockey stick evolution - Underwater hockey is a pool sport. It is like Ice hockey but under the water. In addition to the stick and puck; equipment needed are fins, snorkel, mask and glove. When I began playing about 7 years ago, we played with the clunky ones on the left of the puck. I cnc routed the shapes from high density polyethylene. This is a work in progress, as the current sticks on the far right are still not great, but they are far better than the mallets we started with!
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Product design concepts
Ebbin Martin
Industrial Designer Minneapolis, MN