Growth: A Painful Rite of Passage
"The Devil's Fury" Art - Art © Edward Norden
"All That Hate Me..." Art - Credit Notes: "All That Hate Me Whisper Together Against Me" Written by Divine Conquistador
"Tom Tullet and the Saxon Ruby" Art - Credit Notes: "Tom Tullet and the Saxon Ruby" Written by C.A. Montgomery
"Galactic Wave" Art - Credit Notes: "Galactic Wave" Written by Michael Sutton
"Destination: Future" Art - Credit Notes: "Destination: Future" Edited by Z.S. Adani & Eric T. Reynolds Due to space limitations, I cannot list a full table of contents for this anthology. Full details will be available through Hadley Rille Books at:
"The Edge of Doom" Art - Credit Notes: "The Edge of Doom" Written by Elizabeth Horrocks
"Understanding Dark Sentences" Art - Credit Notes: "Understanding Dark Sentences" Written by Divine Conquistador
Division: Mono Splinter
False Idolatry Redux
Untitled Image
Beneath the Surface
Golem Attacks!
The Deceiver
"The Path Least Travelled" Art - Credit Notes: "The Path Least Travelled" Written by Steve Burns
"The Inquisitive Ghost" Art - Credit Notes: "The Inquisitive Ghost" Written by D.A. Lacey
"The Mischievous Ghost" Art - Credit Notes: "The Mischievous Ghost" Written by D.A. Lacey
"Gyro" Art - Credit Notes: "Gyro" Written by Philip J. Amos
Hey-sus and I
Coloured Illustrations
Edward Norden
Illustrator London, United Kingdom