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Court Grabber

Court Grabbers goal is to maximize the amount of traction by preventing slipping and sliding on conventional courts made of wood, rubber tile, composite material and some tile floors. Basketball courts, volleyball courts, squash, badminton, racquetball, etc. Court Traction Gel is applied to the Gab Pad, and is most effective when reapplied during breaks throughout the game. After wiping the sole of each shoe by drawing it across the grab pad, all dust and dirt is removed. The base of the Court Grabber is designed to be secured by the laces of a shoe, by passing the laces through the base lace loops. The top of the pad is currently attached to the base via Velcro and is designed to be easily removed and thrown in a washing machine to clean when the shammy that holds the Traction Gel becomes too dirty to be effective. By removing the part that gets dirty via Velcro, the athlete doesn't have to unlace it from his or her shoes. We are currently exploring other easy attachment methods.

Freelance, Moonlighting
Julius Garcia
Design Assistant Miami, FL