Kapucino Collection - Book collection for publisher Mladinska knjiga. Photographer: Dragan Arrigler.
Koledarska Collection - Book covers for publisher Presernova druzba.
Littera Scripta Manet Collection - Books for The Faculty of Law in Ljubljana. Study programme, diplomas, lecture books etc.
Modrijan Collection - Various books, cover and layout, for history themes and storries.
Ne bodi kot drugi - Do not be like others. Poetry from Feri Lainscek, illustrations by Zora Stancic.
UKM Collection - Books for University Library Maribor for 100 years cellebration.
101 Zaklad Collection - Publisher Kmecki glas collection on theme ethnology. Ptotograps by Dragan Arrigler, Janez Puksic and Boris Gaberscik.
Edi Berk
Art director, professional designer Ljubljana, Slovenia