Scurek - Wine labels and packaging for art series bottlings.
Wine labels - From left: Grajska zametovka on Ljubljana Casttle, Dialog Escargot for sloow food table, Vitam Impendere Vero for The Faculty of Law and Crni kos (blackbird) for winegrower with the same name.
Pozvacin and Presernovo vino - Pozvacin is characteristic character in Prekmurje (part of Slovenia), Presernovo vino is named after our greatest poet France Preseren who has been born on 3 December 1800. On that day the grapes are picked and make delicious sweet wine with speccial grape selection.
Chardonnay and Laski Rizling - Two labels for Rakican winegrower with teroir designation Kramarovci and Mackovci. Laski rizling is more spred variety in Slovenia, internationalliy named Welschriesling.
Klansek - Labels and packaging for fruit spirits.
Acetum - Labels for fruit and spices vinager.
Vranac and Lozova rakija - Labels and packaging for wine and grappa spirit.
Edi Berk
Art director, professional designer Ljubljana, Slovenia