Analysis of product segment validation. - Pitching the expertise of the Kässbohrer brand against it's main competition in the rescue operation - the helicopter.
The individually driven 4-TRAC™ system adapts to the underlying terrain to maintain the cabin at a horizontal to the ground at all times for a stable worksphere in the rear. The rear houses seating for 5 crew and their equipment.
ESRV [Emergency Search & Rescue Vehicle] - The Stelzen is a First Responder meant to be the quickest to react to an emergency call and be deployed immediately. The glass cocoon gives the pilot a wide viewing angle and is partially shielded from falling debris by the front rollbar.
Stelzen Command Bay - Quick sketch for the pilot command panel. Drive input for the 4-TRAC™ system is through the yoke.
The single person cockpit puts you in the hot seat - The single person cockpit puts you in the centre of all the action right from inside the vehicle and keeps you connected to other operating team vehicles and team members on foot. Not intended to be as intimidating as it seems, the information that is prioritized by the pilot will be displayed via the HUD, all other secondary information screens will have varying brightness levels.
Kassbohrer Stelzen ESRV

Kässbohrer product portfolio expansion based on their expertise with tracked technology and multi-terrain capable vehicles.

Freelance, Full-time
Edmund Spitz
Senior Automotive Industrial Designer Palo Alto, CA