Illustrated in CS5 & Live Painted
Illustrated in Illustrator CS5 & Live Painted.
Patent Illustration - For a specialized chamfered steel finder fused to a screwdriver - This patented item is an illustration to send along for clarification with the manufacturer because the original patent drawing was not detailed enough in it's explanation.
14in1 Multi Tool & 9in1 Screwdriver Illustration to be placed as backdrop on skin packed card
Created from scratch and out of my imagination using photoshop CS5.
Created in Illustrator CS5 just for fun.
14in1 Multi Tool Illustration Combined with 9in1 Illustration on Packaging found in packaging section.
Get-It–Out® Illustration for our patented "One Way" Screw remover/installer. One way screws are also called security screws and are used on steel security door installation.
Hand Drawn Map - Used in the book I designed for the Jorges Borges Short Story. The paper was aged after the illustration took place.
PhilosophME Self portrait created using photoshop & wacom tablet.
Self Portrait Created using photoshop & Wacom Tablet
Self Portrait Created using Photoshop & Wacom Tablet
Illustration - Line Artwork (top to Bottom) a #2 Phillips® reduced, #2 Phillips® Shock Absorber® non-reduced and 2" length #2 Phillips®
Crayola Ad Spread - A hand drawn illustration completely in crayon. Colors heightened through use of Photoshop. All typeography is hand written with crayon and sized using Photoshop.
Shock Absorber® Illustration for a 1" Tip new to our inventory
As Seen On TV Logo Applied to varying packages whereas the items have been advertised on television.
Step Up Self portrait created using Adobe Illustrator composed entirely of typography. Background and myself composed of various song lyrics. Created during a course of study.
Graphite Drawing - This is a graphite rendering done entirely from memory...Made circa 2001...Living on the south side of chicago leaves very little to do, so when I was young I drove about in the forest preserves, the road is 107th street, which is 107 south of state and this was west of 88th avenue...Near whats called Maple Lake.
Graphite Drawing - Child - This is a graphite rendering of my girlfriend when she was four. It was created by viewing the original picture...However no techniques of expansion or tracing were used.
Train Line Map - Hand drawn train line map used in the Short Story Book Design.
Illustration - 18" x 24" Blck Acrylic Ink on 90lb Paper - Birth of Man - This is a recently completed abstract of the formation and birth of human kind. From the innate common animal form we emerge as a new and slightly advantaged species...The on-looking eye symbolizes that all beings are experienced through other beings...While the wave patterns represent not only the folds of the inner womb and natural occurring repetitions patterns but the wave form of nature and energy itself...While the seed is tying the plant into the integral part and portion of life.
Illustration - Ink on paper - Coming apart at the seams - An abstract of my own unique concepts, playing with the use of line, light and our propensity to find form in random pattern.
Illustration - Self portrait in graphite - Done while looking in the review mirror and waiting for my now fiance to come out of class at UIC...circa 2003
Scratch board Illustration - Buddha at Rest - This was completed circa 1998 during my first art course, it's a compilation of images to create an overlying theme...Though the project merely called for some sort of pattern design using the Scratch board the teacher allowed me to go ahead with my idea.
Graphite Illustration - Impending Notions - A random doodle...Simply a study of line shape and form and the interactions thereof. ~ June 2010
Ink Illustration - Stick a right arm in your Eye - Random concept while exploring the consistencies of my ink and how it interacted with this natural fiber Japanese paper.
Charcoal & Chalk Illustration - Bottles - Completed while attending Moraine Valley Community College in 2003, this was the first introductory drawing course where we were to illustrate the bottles on the table...The curtains and night scene in the background are from the old noggin' while the bottles and cloth as well as light reflections rendered upon them are what I could see in the florescent light/natural light of the room.
Painting Water Color - A Pox On US - Completed in 1999 this was a class project where we were to find an image we admired and render it in a different medium. This was the image I chose which I found in a book provided by the teacher that contained a similar image originally using scratch board as the substrate...While I used paper and water soluble paint...Keeping with an entirely gray scaled color scheme.
Painting in Crayon - Life - 2010 - I had a lot of crayons left over from a concept I came up with for a line of Crayola Crayon Ads so I decided to use them, though not as they were intended. I used an old glue gun to melt the crayon colors into their desired locales. The concept is of the line of transference that takes place from our star to lifeforms here on earth...A mini time-line of history so to speak.
Graphite & Colored Pencil Illustration - Self Portrait - 2004 - Self explanatory...Though this was just out of boredom and not for any school project.
Illustrations & Paintings

Black imprint for placement
of items skin packed on card stock.

Edward McHugh
graphic designer | illustrator Chicago, IL