14in1 & 9in1 Multi Tool & Screwdriver respectively Packaged item with printed illustration found in illustration section
Gift Boxed Screwdrivers Counter Display Box
Screwdriver Gift Box For placement in a counter display box
Two Piece Diamond Coated Oscillating Bits Part of our line of Oscillating Tool Accessories. Diamond Coated Bits are used for tile and grout.
Planogram This is a hanging wall display placed in hardware stores. This particular display showcases the entire line of oscillating accessories.
Emery Cloth Head card created by me then sent to china for print and packaging.
Emery Cloth Variety Pack Found in both the Wall Hanging Display and the Print Section of this site.
Wall Hanging Display Our full assortment of emery cloth for use with our oscillating tool accessories.
Public Awareness|Package Design - This is a view a the packet that would be received via the volunteers that contains a map, pamphlets, a publication, and a postcard that tells the recipient when events are held for cyclists in Chicago.
Emphera - Give away Item - To be delivered in the packaging developed for the public awareness campaign. Above is a cyclist cap and a water bottle with the logotype applied in two varieties of color possiblity.
Package Design|Death by Chocolate - A conceptual confection company based out of France and come to America. The name is contrived of an originally French term "la petite muerte" or "the little death" which is actually the term used for an orgasm. Chocolate is associated with being an aphrodisiac which brought about the idea that chocolate shouldn't just be good, it should be to die for. Each product is given a different country of origin based on when & how chocolate entered their particular culture.
Package Design|Detail|Death By Chocolate - Chocolate mints were decided upon to have the Mayan god on the package because Mayans were one of the first cultures to use chocolate. Illustrated and type set in Illustrator.
Quell Energy Drink - Mock up of conceptual Energy drink developed as a school project. The "Q" in the word quell has been transformed into a raging mouth, the thing you are going to quell.
Logo Detail - Developed as an entire Corporate Identity, quell is taking a rough and tumble approach to attract late teens and early twenties aged product consumers.
Recycle - Quell - As a company Quell is thoroughly concerned with the environment. No environment means no people, no people means no purchasing and no purchasing means no product and worst of all no money.
Nutrition Facts - Nutrition is ever important in a world of obesity. Therefore Quell wants its consumers to know exactly what is in their drink.
Cap Detail - The cap is to be made of a stronger cloth material that was unavailable to me but has been mocked up using paper of the same stock as the label. The real image would be screen printed on the cloth covering, though there would be a metal sealed cap beneath the cloth one...Can't have any tampering.
Package Design
Edward McHugh
graphic designer | illustrator Chicago, IL