Print Icons created for SAMS (Syrian American Medical Society) and UHLF (United Holy Land Fund) respectively, top to bottom. Both organizations aid in the war and politically torn countries of the middle east and are charitable organizations. The icons were used in an annual report and a donation mailer.
Catalog Spread A spread from the socket section of our company catalog.
Spread Catalog Spread from Wood Working Section of our Company Product Catalog
Head Card Set Up Printed and packaged in china packaged item can be found in packaging section
Tip Identification Chart A chart that explains the symbols used to describe the tips contained in packaging.
Ad Calendar A calender created to be sent to hardware stores along with product. Advertising products and providing information to contact eazypower.
Magzine Spread|MindBody Magazine - This spread is representative of an experience during meditation whereby the experiencer is told to sit quietly for ten minutes with no movement or distractions and let their mind drift. The ExperienceExperiment culminated in a vision of a unified experience of humanity that is undending and intertwined. The background is a visual representation of the vision created using Photoshop. The layout was made using InDesign.
Article Opener - This was the opening page to the following spread. This was printed in the November-December Issue.
Printed Article - This spread was printed in the November-December Issue of Cafe Magazine.
Party Invite - Cafe Magazine - This was an invite that went to print as well as having been converted for email dispersal.
Postcard Teaser|Auction - This would be sent to interested parties along with peripheral information concerning the event. This side is a blown up version of the poster advertisment.
Postacard Teaser|Auction - This is the second side of the postcard. This was illustrated using Photoshop and a Wacom tablet. The animal shown is a particular crane species that is endangered and resides in the Everglades.
Advertisment Poster|Auction - This piece was created to promote an event held by the World Wildlife Fund to aid in the preservation of the Everglades in Florida. The idea is that artists will submit works to be auctioned off, the artists that grosses the most at auction wins a trip to the Everglades. The color choices were yellowish greens and yellows representative of the Everglades natural coloration. The piece was entirely hand done in Photoshop using a Wacom tablet. The Type Was set using InDesign.
Ani Difranco Concert Poster Based on the Constructivism period of Communist Russia
Tool Concert Poster Based on Theo Van Doesburg and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy Book cover 1925 magazine De Stijl
Annual Report Cover - This cover was developed for Amer Sports International Oi. This is the annual report for 2009 cover piece. It is modeled after the concept of a travel guide or journal.
Book Design - This was a short story by Jorge Borge that I made into a hard cover book. All images photographed & illustrated by me. All type set using InDesign. The hard cover book was hand made by me as well. The blue color for the jacket was chosen for its reference to the Argentine flag which is the setting of the story.
Book Design|Title Page - This is a hand drawn map, for the purposes of being exactly that. The image was photographed and placed as an E.P.S. file within InDesign. The title is typeset using InDesign. The typeface used for the title is Adobe Garamond Small Caps & Oldstyle Figures.
Book Design|Table of Contents - This is a photograph taken in the Logan Square nieghborhood of Chicago, using a Nikon D40x digital single reflex camera. Placed as an E.P.S. file in InDesign and typeset using Arno Pro with InDesign.
Concert Poster - This hand illustrated type and image was created from an appropriation of a 1965 Grateful Dead poster, of which the original work consists of the elven horned Santa Claus looking fellow and the Family Dog logo that were re-illustrated and used in this piece. The browns and greens are representative of nature and the outdoors where the concert is held.
Book Design|Inside Spread - This spread is made up of a hand drawn sketch of the country side as seen by the main character as he passes by on a train heading to the south of Buenòs Airès. The poster was created as an illustration in Photoshop, then typeset using InDesign. The Spread was then laid out using InDesign.
Magazine Cover - This is a handrawn sketch of a combination of images. Scanned and used as the background for the cover of this magazine Where Art Thou Chicago. Where Art Thou Chicago is a music and arts magazine, based in the city of the same name, covering underground musicians and unknown artists.
excerpt Where Art Thou Chicago Magazine| Spread|Maria Taylor - This spread is about a local [Chicago] musician entitled "Seeker of Change". The compass is an oil painting scanned in through Photoshop, and the sky land combination is water color also scanned in through Photoshop, both on bond paper. All of which was laid out using InDesign.
Smirnoff Vodka Ad - This was illustrated using Illustrator. The concept of which is that a seed eating bird does not eat worms giving a twist on a the normal sight of a bird eating a worm. The skin tones of the worm are representative of the flesh while there is also a play on the concept of the early bird getting the worm. All surrounding vitality and putting zest in life, the common themes of alcohol advertising...with a twist.
Working Artist Monthly Cover - A combination of different visual representations of aspects used in the creative process undertaken in the production of works by artists in the realm of illustration & graphic design. Illustrated using a Wacom tablet and photoshop the red color was chosen not only to make the cover stand out but to convey the often urgent nature of the business of creating works for commission.
Bike Route Reference Map|RE: CYCLE chicago - Illustrated in Illustrator, this reference map would be sent in a packet along with a small publication and pamphlets to welcome new comers to the daily commute cycling community. Along with this map the information contained can help any Chicago Land resident to enter the cycling world, as well as become more aware of the cyclists that already roam the streets.
Edward McHugh
graphic designer | illustrator Chicago, IL