just for fun - Done while in my first Illustrator class long long ago, I was fooling around with names of existing brands, while staying completely away from their actual Identities...Just playing around.
just for fun - Also from the first Illustrator class, messing around. The image outside the window is a composite and not actually in the reference photo...Which follows this file.
just for fun - The reference photo used to create the previous image.
Quell Business Card Corp Id - These are the concept sketches for business card designs. Developed for the branding Identity of Quell Energy Drink.
Sketch for Label & B|W Printout of step to final - This sketch is the idea for the labeling of Quell. The logo had been developed already but I feel its important to have accuracy even in sketch form because there are plenty of people who haven't the imagination to "see" how it will look with actually seeing it.
Sketch for tearing package design style - This tearing concept was to show Quell ripping out of its container. This sketch was then illustrated in a number of different ways using Adobe Illustrator CS3 before deciding on the final look.
just for fun - Again completed in my first Illustrator class just for fun.
Edward McHugh
graphic designer | illustrator Chicago, IL