Structural sketches - corrugate only - These initial sketches revolve around packaging the set of items in a clam-shell sort of format with only corrugat cardboard structure.
Inital sketches - insert-tab thoughts - The idea was to use ever less corrugate and use a method where the tool itself would be used to lock itself into the structure and be secured by a minimum of glue tabs
The Box structure using inverted blisters - The idea behind this one was that there would be two blisters affixed to the inside of the package - although reversed - to hold the product in place and reduce shrinkage. While the blisters were eventually nixed, the basic structure proceeded to manufacture
Milescraft Package structure - At the bottom are the versions of the packaging that made it to the stores. It is printed one side and glue on one side, making it a very cost effective structure while also adhering to the specification that the product be touchable through the packaging and minimize shrinkage.
Milescraft Packaging Structural Design
Eric Fescenmeyer
Agency Design Director - Branding Packaging Chicago, IL