Rubbermaid Brush label Redesign
Bosch N.A. Stye Guide
Moen Faucet Competition - The over-arching concept of the faucet was to reduce water usage by moving the taps to the end of the faucet, saving time and water by reducing the time it takes to manage water temperature. The taps at the spout of the faucet also makes for generally easier operation.
Industrial Packaging
Echo Power Tool Packaging - Window boxes were too expensive and structurally difficult with the weight of chainsaws and weed trimmers, our solution was to represent the product contained within the package at full size with the appropriate elevations on the outsides of the box. You see the product at it's real size. The method works so well that the top handle hole of the box actually lines up with the handle of the saw above.
Inline Point of Purchase
Paint Master Product line
Benchy Carpet Sample Competition Entry - The competition was centered around reusing carpet samples. Benchy does that by rolling them up and placing them on end in a structure to create a seating solution. The rolls are constructed using two carpet samples. The exterior is rolled the long way and is designed to give conforming cushion. The inner is rolled the short way to create the firm form for the seat.
Bird Food Packaging - This concept work was developed to provide an easier entrance into broader channels beyond bird enthusiasts. Vibrant colors were used as well as easier to digest information. The upside-down images on the tops of the bags are to attract interest and are righted when the bag is poured adding to the experience.
Catalog work
Premium Tea Packaging
Mens Body wash packaging Concept work
Eric Fescenmeyer
Agency Design Director - Branding Packaging Chicago, IL