Pikler Association Hungary, The beginning of a free game

Project: Graphic and typographic design of book covers and inserts
Designer: Tibor Egyed, graphic designer
Year: 2020
Authors: Éva Kálló - Györgyi Balog
Title: The beginning of a free game
Photo: Reismann Marian
Translated from the original English version into Hungarian: Baraksó Szidónia
Translation compared and reworked by the original text: Katalin Hevesi and Mária Majoros
Edited by Eszter Mózes
Language reviewer: Judit Magyar
Published by Magyarországi Pikler-Lóczy Társaság, 2020
© Copyright: Pikler-Lóczy Society of Hungary, 2020
Language: Hungarian
ISBN 978-615-5951-01-5

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Tibor Egyed
graphic artist and designer, videographer, painter Budapest, Hungary