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Designing the shapes of the blades to trap glass and move it to the center of the roller.
Removable hopper to empty device.
Prototyping of concept to explore a self drive system.
CAD model produced in Solidworks
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Major Project

My Major Project was based on a problem i kept encountering last summer while working on a bar. I found myself continually going out onto the dance floor to clean up broken glass with a dust pan and brush. the first problem was people being stood in the way. The second problem the mixture of liquid and broken glass. The third was the large area which was needed to be covered and the fourth was the dust pan and brush was inadequate for the task.

My goal was simply, design something that was more effective at cleaning up broken glass and liquid.

The next goal was to keep cost low. The retail cost of the product came out at being £40.

Edward Boulton
Product Designer Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom