i chair - geometric folding chair made of bronzed iron, Mahogany, adapted bike elements (cables and connectors) and synthetic fabric with foam.
DORM dormitory module - few elements, light and functional, developed to organize and visualize everything in order
ice-cream vendor vehicle - final model developed in 3D Studio Max, using existing tricycle part, with an innovative shape
vendor vehicle proposal - product design proposal designed in 3D Studio Max, covering tricycle structure in modern shapes, and using the product brand
ice-cream vendor vehicle - Vehicle designed in 3D Studio Max using most of the tricycle vehicle parts, for BoP distribution of branded consumer goods.
mobile workstation - New product developed in 3D Studio Max, using steel for almost the whole body structure, using local technology for production
coffee table lamp - Product developed in 3D Studio Max and Autocad for local manufacturing using varios kinds of wood, chromed iron and fabric.
mobile workstation and shelves - mobile furniture for storing work material and documents, developed in 3D Studio for manufacturing with local technology and materials
kiosk for selling food - kiosk developed for a local shopping centre to sell foods and drinks, developed in 3D Studio according to specified materials and sizes
David Martin Olortegui...
Strategic Product Designer Lima, Peru