speedwagon - Designed collapsible toy wagon, built articulated show model.
"Neptune", the Hero Ship - We were hired to come up with designs for the film's central spaceship, where all the main characters live and work. A civilian ship with a military retrofit, I chose a "benign" volume with "tough" detailing.
space battleship
electric shock robot - I have no idea what these robots are doing, but I think it's either vaporizing the floor and walls or repairing them. About 2 hours.
starcycle - designed and built articulated show model of collapsible toy bike
Speedwagon options
Speedwagon options
tree robot - Designed to harvest these "energy trees", this 1-seat crawler clips and processes with the aid of a large handling arm and a smaller "applications" arm (laser, stripper, etc).
THE 4 WHEELER OF THE APOCALYPSE - This was one of my favorite pieces done for the Reconcilers project. There was a clear idea of what this thing should be: a sort of futuristic Mad Max-esque vehicle, jerryrigged, armed to the hilt, and driven by some vengeful badasses. I imagined that you could put this together with existing car-nology, excepting some Powerplant from Tomorrow. This idea came out in one shot, cuz… we had our Wheaties that day. Or, rather, our beets.
Huzi Whatsys - An ideation sketch, warming up.
Alan Quiros
concept designer brooklyn, NY