iOS icon created for the paid version of Solitaire Deluxe Social. I love the idea of fitting an object within the space given of iOS icons.
Icon created for the free version. Just a slightly less shiny version of the paid icon.
Logo created for the game. It's a simple logo, made to emphasize that it is a "social" game.
Clean and simple. The Splash page.
The Main Menu. I designed the UI here emphasizing the social aspect of the game, which is why the large center section contains the leaderboard and ability to invite friends. Located at the bottom is the "wheel" screen.
My favorite screen from the game. I created this with the absolute intent to be a side game that people will want to come back everyday to play. I was totally inspired by a jet engine.
Solitaire Deluxe Social

Card game for mobile devices.

Elliot Ling
Art director Los Angeles, CA