Prototyping internal configurations & sewing little gowns to mock-up the transformation. We ended up using various parts of these designs to pitch multiple Barblie concepts to Mattel.
I can be... Ballerina | Responsible for the pivoting ballet feet articulation
Fairy-Tastic Princess | Princess gown transforms into fairy wings as arms rise by pressing down sliding button positioned in back.
Mattel | Transforming Barbie's

While working at Bang Zoom Design, I was determined to design the next magical-style Barbie. Through sketches, hand-sewn dresses, handmade mechanisms I created various transforming concepts that were licensed by Mattel that were produced into multiple Princess Barbie dolls sold at major commercial retailers.

All development images, sketches and renderings created by Liz Bentz. All artwork and images of final products belong to Mattel.

Freelance, Moonlighting
Elizabeth Bentz
Industrial Designer Denver, CO