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Alpha & Omega Physical Therapy - This is a corporate identity project completed for Will and Inga Jordan and their new physical therapy business. They wanted a logo that would capture the essence of optimizing motion and health for the entire body, but didn't want it to look like anything else out there. Everyone was pleased with the result.
Innovative Ideas Inc. - Sonya Overton of "Innovative Ideas Inc." hired me to create this logo. The client wanted the piece to reflect the fresh and vibrant personality of her company, which inturn reflects her. Client was very pleased with the result. Adobe Illustrator - media
"Kaze" Cafe and Sushi Bar - This is a self-promotion piece. I wanted to marry a modern edgy design with the japanese aesthetic of simplicity, a thought plan that many restaurant owners would entertain in order to draw diverse crowds.
"Bravo" Tapas and Lounge - Vibrant and red hot, with a touch of my curve style.
"Sarme'tsian" (concept) - This conceptual illustration is of a small humanoid race that are, at times, nearly indistinguishable by sex. I had loads of fun designing and rendering this character because it was an off the wall idea and it was one of my first pieces completed in Corel Painter.
Little Girl's Dresses - These are just a couple of designs that I completed for Ms. Younga Kim, a fashion designer. She was attracted to my light and whimsical designs and color.
Ellis Gandy
Unique, Eclectic, Creative: Ellis Gandy- Illustrator and Designer Chicago , IL