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YUME NO FANTASTIQ' I - "Floronae" - "The Floronae wanders the holy forest, giving water from the vegetation that grows on her body. She pauses to greet her little friend." This piece was featured in the Fulton Street Collective spring open house show. It was completed in pen and ink alongside other mixed media.
Volairen' - This is an entirely graphite piece done on cold press illustration board. The cherub, Volairen, inhabits holy forests and woods.
Fenn' the Explorer - This is a piece from a story of a fox-like creature called Fenn'. Partnered with a british adventurer, the two make their way through a fantastic newly found world.
Floronna - This is a pen and ink editorial illustration of a plant-like female creature, sharing it's water with a flower. It is one in a developing series.
"Workin' Man" - Pen and ink illustration of a random image. More so a fitting subject for experimentation in style and technique.
"Japan Ni Ikimashoo" - This project, whose title means "let us journey to japan", was a mental map assignment on what would go on in a person's mind during such a trip. Since it was an illustration of the mental plane, I was free to flex my artistic muscle. The piece was completed using mixed media.
"Secrets" - This was a children's illustration inspired by the many bedtime stories we've grown up with. I decided to go with a more anonymous, ethereal design for the angel in order to transcend racial stereotypes.
"Moonlight Memoirs" - With Arthur Golden's "Memoirs of a Geisha" in mind, I created this self promotional piece. The illustration was succesful in that it emenates a sublime and tranquil beauty.
Ellis Gandy
Unique, Eclectic, Creative: Ellis Gandy- Illustrator and Designer Chicago , IL