Brochure cover - brochure featuring 3 musicals
musical brochure logo
musical brochure logo
musical brochure logo
Cleaning supplies logo
Boutique hotel logo
Spa logo
Allegro 13 wines - wine label
tea logo - exotic teas from 6 different countries
Tea - tea boxes
international teas - tea boxes
chocolate logo
chocolate box
chocolate box 2
circa - fragrance
logo variation
font I have designed
personal logo - logo with the font I have designed
metrosexual cosmetic line
Naturals - organic cosmetic line
night club logo - logo for a nightclub
Soul train party logo - logo for a party teeshirt
Perro loco - flavored drinks logo
perro loco drinks - drink labels
Logo for Rita Aranha - identity
Russ - Vodka logo based on russian revolution
Indian restaurant sauces and menu
sauce label for taj
sauce label
sauce label
Clayton Karas Logo - Logo for a Photographer Clayton Karas/ logo not used
International Association of Graphic Designers and Illustrators - Logo for my own association
Design for cause logo not used - Logo for a campain design for a cause
Design for a Cause final logo - Logo for a non profit organization campain...
Design for cause logo not used - Logo fot a non profit organization campain
Cush - Cosmetic line for women of color that will be launched soon. Look for it at your nearest, Trader Joes, Henrys and Whole food
My logos
Elo Marc
Graphic Designer San Diego, CA