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Brochure cover - brochure featuring 3 musicals
musical brochure logo
musical brochure logo
musical brochure logo
Cleaning supplies logo
Boutique hotel logo
Spa logo
Allegro 13 wines - wine label
tea logo - exotic teas from 6 different countries
Tea - tea boxes
international teas - tea boxes
chocolate logo
chocolate box
chocolate box 2
circa - fragrance
logo variation
font I have designed
personal logo - logo with the font I have designed
metrosexual cosmetic line
Naturals - organic cosmetic line
night club logo - logo for a nightclub
Soul train party logo - logo for a party teeshirt
Perro loco - flavored drinks logo
perro loco drinks - drink labels
Logo for Rita Aranha - identity
Russ - Vodka logo based on russian revolution
Indian restaurant sauces and menu
sauce label for taj
sauce label
sauce label
Clayton Karas Logo - Logo for a Photographer Clayton Karas/ logo not used
International Association of Graphic Designers and Illustrators - Logo for my own association
Design for cause logo not used - Logo for a campain design for a cause
Design for a Cause final logo - Logo for a non profit organization campain... designforcause.org
Design for cause logo not used - Logo fot a non profit organization campain
Cush - Cosmetic line for women of color that will be launched soon. Look for it at your nearest, Trader Joes, Henrys and Whole food
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Elo Marc
Graphic Designer San Diego, CA