The day of the dead - Poster created for a mexican restaurant Cantina Mayahuel to celebrate the day of the dead. A mexican folklore
The Nest Keeper - The nest Keeper Conceptual poster
The nest keeper - Poster Created for Urban Outfitters 2009
case study for birds
Birds - Poster Created for a Theme Bar in California 2008
case study for once upon a time
Poster Created for a School Library 2009
The dancer - The dancer . Poster created for a street dance annual event in California
Photo manipilation - gathering all the images to create a composition was really hard, until I found this guy in this very expressive picture. Here are all the elements for the composition
Final composition 1 - Poster
Nemesis - Poster
Love Hurts - poster for Urban Outfitters
Andromeda - Poster
Bitten Lipstick - Bitten Lipstick, poster created for a theme bar in California
The colors of Outta Space - Retro poster
case study for sinking room of fame
Sinking Room of Fame - Poster Created for Tower Records. 2009
Planet Heart About to Brust - Illustration for a cd cover and teeshirts of progressive rock band
case study for fashion slavery
Fashion Slavery - Poster for Sacs 5th Avenue in San Francisco 2009
case studies from rags to angel
Fron Rags To Angel - photo illustration, created in photoshop for a STOP POVERTY CAMPAIN displayed on the website called creattica of best photoshop works on the web.
X -ray - Computer skin
case study who killed wallstreet
Who killed Wall street? - Cartoon Bilboard 2008
Photo Illustration - Christmas Thank you card 2008 for a store called Frozen
Photo Illustration - Poster created for Chancellor of Designs teeshirts
Photo Illustration - Posters created in Photoshop
Photo Illustration - Posters created in Photoshop
Fake is the new real - photo illustration
Vintage retro - Vintage retro poster
I'm your father - retro meets the new generation
Persephone - Persephone goddess of the wonder world
DreamCatcher - Poster
Retro Radio - poster and skins for Urban Outfitters
Go Disco - Poster for 2010 AIGA Portfolio Review event
1970 - Poster for Sacks 5th Avenue San Francisco
Waiting - Poster for A Night Club in California
Abducted - Poster and Teeshirt and skins for Urban Outfitters
The King and The Queen - Poster and Teeshirt for Urban Outfitters
Innocence - Poster and Teeshirt and skins for Urban Outfitters
We Want You - Poster for Ambassador Hotel in California
Circus - Poster for A private School Library in 2009 California
The Factory - Poster for a Non Profit Organization Against Abortion
Auf Wiedersehen - Poster
Do You Watch Your Time? - Poster Now being sold on Society6 website
CMYK - Poster
What you see is what you get - Poster for society6 website available here
Where Did The Disco Go?
Simple Love
Photoshop posters
Elo Marc
Graphic Designer San Diego, CA