Taj Indian sauces - Indian sauces, for Taj Indian Gourmet
Menu - Taj, Upscale Indian Gourmet. Menu
EKO cleaning supplies - EKO cleaning supplies. Biodegradable eco-friendly products
Logos - Logos created for different companies
Stationery - Rita Arnha environmental designer identity and stationery
Envelops and tags - Rita Aranha environmental designer
Identity and eco friendly bags
Logo & Identity - Logo and identity
Metrosexual line 3d models - Pause Matrosexual Line 3D rendered
Pause, transforming the man of tomorrow (ad ) - Pause ad campain
Square Infusion teas - Te exotic Teas from 6 different countries
Te exotic teas - Te, Exotic teas
Naturals Cosmetic - packaging 3d rendering for the client
Explore, National Geographic Books - reading and content book
Explore, Reading Books for National Geographic - National geographic is a tough client. Since they are all about nice images I created illustrations with images inside. The 5 icons for the books were also applied on the website and bochure
Nacional Geographic Website - Explore website
Il Manifesto Magazine cover - Il Manifesto is an arts and entertainment magazine that features new and well known artists in the business today. Il manifesto in Italian or ( the manifest). With that in mind I had the idea of having on each cover an artist, a picture or a drawing with their mouth open. Showing how they express themselves or manifest themselves through their art. I also chose to place a big colorful number completely off the color palette to make the cover stand out. The size of the magazine is 9"x12"
Il Manifesto
Il Manifesto Magazine Cover
Il Manifesto Magazine Cover
Il Manifesto magazine Cover
Brochure - The Old Globe Theater Brochure winter season
Brochure back - The Old Globe Theater Brochure
The Old Globe Theater brochure - Brochure and Play logos developed by ELO designer
Poetry Book Typography work - typography work for a poetry book. Lyrics of Seal's crazy song. Type Bodoni
Typography work - Lyrics of Seal's crazy song for a typography book. Implied the words " Man I'm crazy"
Packaging bags for Rita Aranha Eco- Designer - I applied the logo identity and made a 100% eco bags with a stamp in the front and the icon in the back to package Rita's products
Teaser Campain for Russ Vodka - Teaser ad campain for Russ Vodka
Russ Vodka - Russ Vodka based on Russian revolution Logo and comcept by ELO designer
Doux Blanc - Doux Blanc is a white chocolate house. These are the packaging for their house chocolate
Kipp adelante - Kipp adelante is a private school annual report, I decided to put on the cover of the annual report words that kids wrote on their murals with chalk
Book Cover - Cover for city works book
Italian wines - Group of Italian wines I worked on. Secco, Rosso , Eloro
EKO Cleaning Supplies - My Eko cleaning supplies packaging design, was awarded and will be showcased in the book of the year 3rd edition this coming December 2010. The book of the year is a design bible with 768 pages that showcases the best designs and designers all over the world.It's printed in Europe, sold and distributed to the best design agencies. PS: A special thanks to Clayton karas for the awesome photography!
Italian Wines - Group of Italian wines I worked on. Secco, Rosso , Eloro . Featured on thedieline.com The number 1 packaging website link: http://www.thedieline.com/blog/2010/04/vines-wine.html
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