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LEVENTILO The desk fan revisited.

LeVentilo is a simple fan with a simple function. Soft and approachable, the fanblades reminds more of paddles pushing through water than sharp blades. They are supported by a stem, making the link between the different elements by discretely supporting the inner core and casing.
Simple fine mesh to keep the blades as the "hero" element of this fan. The humility, transparency and simplicity of the metal perforated sheet to keep the stage to what is behind.

The design challenge with this product is in working with visible components such as blades and purely functional safety shielding elements. While the traditional approach is to hide the blades behind decorative grid, LeVentilo takes up the challenge to not hide, but celebrate.

Project type : Week end design projects
Date : 2020

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Elodie Delassus
Product Designer at Philips Design Amsterdam, Netherlands