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Instant House Competition 2012

The proposed design is an environment where a variety of spaces and paths are available to create multiple interaction point for the short-term residents of the space. Relatively private smaller places and larger open spaces - irregular spaces are available for interpretation and creative use. Due to the constant changes of occupants, spaces are simultaneously connected and separated. Various activities coexist, seemingly independent but delicately influencing adjacent events. Such spacial interaction resembles the interconnective nature of modern society. Interdependent social relationships instead of physical boundaries define space. The time of day, activities that take place in the surrounding environment and coincidences all play a part in the construction of one’s spacial experience. The result is a welcoming landscape that gradually unravels as you leisurely stroll through.
-Team Design w/ Sharmie Fan & Frank Chen

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Emily Oi Yee...
Exhibition / Interior / Architectual Designer New York, NY