FLO LED - Flo LED Light was chosen to be exhibited for the 2nd year RMIT Industrial design exhibition (tutor's selection).
FLO LED Light (assembly instruction) - One of the essential skills in product design is to understand the manufacturing process, including creating an assembly instruction. The first image is representing the initial visualization of the lamp in 3D, whilst the second image is the manufacturing assembly instruction presentation. (step 1 to the final step 5 (finished product))
Klegg 2004 - Klegg 2004 is a group project which acquired High Distinction for 2nd year subject Design Studies and Design Studio. The final end model was exhibited for the 2nd year exhibition (tutor selection), and also other exhibitions. The final form of the chair was made into a real size prototype and now is in the belonging of one of our designers.
KLEGG - Klegg is an intergrated module station that could be assembled together. Each module includes detachable hinges, flexible screen, and Intel CPU system. Klegg acquired High Distinction for Design Studio and Studies (2nd Year RMIT) and also exhibited for the 2nd year technology subject exhibition (tutor's selection).
Teaset Design - The ceramic tea set was designed to suit the urban lifestyle, while at the same time representing Chinese and Western history of teaset design. The pinching technique replaces the spout which simplifies the production process, therefore reducing cost of production.
Product Design
Emelyn Usanto
Designer & Desktop Publisher Melbourne, Australia