Ford EF150 Concept

The idea of this concept started when I was talking to my brother regarding the utility needs and ease of access to his work truck. He is an oil-field engineer and he always carries tools and testing kits which are expensive. And he needs to use a tonneau cover in order to keep his equipment safe and protected from weather. But the down side of the tonneau cover are, limited height of objects he can store and also more importantly ease of access to the bed. He wished he had a work Van, but considering the rough terrain sites that he works at it’s not doable with what’s currently available unless modified extremely to fit the purpose. We all know that the current utility vans are very noisy(in cabin) and awkward looking , uncomfortable and their sole purpose is to make the access to the cargo area easy. So I began to wonder ” What if there was a utility van with pickup truck setup?” And by pickup truck Setup I mean The cabin and Cargo compartments are totally separate from each other...

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Emil Baddal
3D Designer Woodland Hills, CA