Another landscape practice. This time I mixed things around by taking a reference of Germany's Berliner Dome and made it into an unique temple in the desert night.
Fantasy Cave During the last few days, I was facing real-life issues, and I was in an artistic rut. I'm really glad this cane out as a cave painting, for I wanted to do some practice doing landscapes and environments. This was also a great opportunity to play with texture brushes and make the environment more like a glittering gave than just brushstrokes.
My first digital painting since I bought my new computer. I mainly wanted to practice hair and skin coloring as well as good line art on a character. Its not totally perfect, but I this is good practice for getting into digitally painting close ups of my characters.
Another one of my personal characters. This is also after I got my new computer, and was practicing character concepts digitally. Though this needs more cleaning, this is a level-up compared to a bust of another character.
This is probably the weirdest thing I've ever done. A friend literally mad-libed a request to draw an Adonis wearing a cape with seal flippers wearing high heals with 6+ abs, six fingers, and a big nose looking sexy with curly-top hair. I know, this is weird, but I was in a bad place in my life, and I want to paint something. Oh yeah, I intended to make him look sort of like Dr. Frankenstein from "Rocky Horror Picture Show."
Digital Paint 2015

A collection of personal paintings of 2015. This is mostly for character/environment concepts and practice pieces.

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