Full Fledged Assault

I've made rough sketches, renewed the logo, painted the sky in the front cover, and illustrated the back cover for the thrash band, Full Fledged Assault. This is for their first album release "Assemble the People." For what they are looking for in their album is the paintery that is reminiscent of bands such as TSO and Megadeath.

My partner and I gave our rough sketches to the leader, and made comments of what he desired for his cover, which they decided to chose one of my partner's. Paintings of the process as well as the finalized products are included.

Changes have occurred throughout the process. The Album is called "Assemble the People" because there is an assembly of people of different music tastes gathering. One of the songs on the album is called "Terrocrab" thus the giant band that towers over the background, joining the young people in their gathering. The back cover includes the four band members of the group.

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Emily Blaske
Illustrator/ UI Artist/ Graphic Designer Portsmouth, OH